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A Determine your specific needs and guide you through the creation of you project

A Control your technical, administrative and budget constraints

A Coordinate all suppliers involved in the success of your event

A Assure the media coverage using all possible supports

A On-site supervision thanks to an experienced and multilingual team

A Transform your aims in results

We offer 3 different types of collaboration in order to make you choose the most suitable solution for your special event:
A Global management:
From the imagination and creation to the on-site management of your project. A professional and unique team will be on your side during each stage of your event. This type of collaboration also enables you a total control of each supplier involved in your project: your insurance for a successful event.
A Partial management:
Benefit from our know-how, our competences and our network of worldwide business partners for a special stage in the creation of your event.
A On-site management:
We coordinate the on-site executive production for your event. Our experience enables us solving last minute requests and making your event simply unforgettable.


A A multilingual, dynamic and experienced team to create the highest IMPACT® for your event

A An instant reactivity

A A unique contact for the best possible comprehension and the greatest implication

A Optimization of a joint aim: research of new participants, sponsors and partners combined with a regular update of your database.

A Our leitmotivs: Competitiveness, Quality and Transparency
For each event we select the best suppliers and assure perfect competitiveness as well as high quality services. We guarantee secure and complete transparent financial management and assure quality control, resulting in a more successful event and better financial results

A An ECO-RESPONSIBLE company: Since our very beginning, we take in consideration the impacts of our activity on the environment. 
Our engagement consists in an eco-responsible attitude: We act against climate change by the reduction and offsetting of our greenhouse gases.

Impact Events, société évènementielle basée à Nice, coeur balnéaire et économique de la Côte d'Azur. 1
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